Fall 2023 Fashion Trends; Look Like the Ultimate IT Girl

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Fall 2023 Popular Fashion Trends

Welcome to your ultimate guide to fall 2023 fashion trends – the perfect reason to hit ‘pause’ on your Pinterest scrolling! In this blog post, I am about to unveil the hottest styles that will have you reigning supreme this autumn. As a dedicated fashion student, I’m excited to present you with my unique perspective on this season’s fashion trends. From the bold and vibrant red hues to the comfort of chunky knits, stylish sweaters, sexy leathers, versatile denims, the latest footwear and accessories, and the allure of stunning gold jewelry, I’ve got your fall fashion essentials all wrapped up. So, let’s jump into the freshest trends of the season! 

Which Colors are Currently in Fashion for the Fall 2023 Season?

Red is the Go-to Color this Autumn

Naturally, red is a very sexy and attractive color associated with strong emotions such as love, passion, and anger. Typically, red enhances the energy of any outfit and can actually psychologically increase ones confidence. Forbes reports, “Scientists from Plymouth and Durham University studied over 68 different English teams and with 60 years of research, confirmed that football teams that wore red shirts won more matches because red subconsciously boosted their confidence.” Therefore, scientists have proved by wearing red you’ll increase your confidence. Remember this fact for your next business meeting when presenting in front of that room full of people. Or, if you have a speech next class, make sure to put on that red top or blazer to step up there with a confident stride and impress your professor and classmates.

So wear red this fall because scientifically it will heighten your confidence and help you step into your IT Girl era, and you’ll fit right in with all the models sporting this color all over the runways. In light of this fact, I decided to be a bright red lady bug this Halloween. I thrifted my costume in the south suburbs of Chicago.

Now I know red can be difficult to pair items with because it is such a daring color. However, I am going to teach you how you can incorporate reds throughout your looks to transform you into THAT girl this autumn.  To do so we will talk:

  • Red statement pieces
  • Red knitwear
  • Mix and matching
  • Layering
  • Nail polish, lipstick, & accessories

Remember that red comes in many different shades and hues. Therefore, when putting together an outfit with red pieces, make sure to identify the kind of red you are working with. Here are some different shades of red and their names:

Red Statement Pieces:

Statement pieces by definition are an item of clothing or an accessory that stands out and draws the eye in, typically expressing a part of your personality because it is the first thing someone notices about your outfit. When feeling bland in an outfit, grab a subtly sexy red blazer, jacket, coat, purse, pair of gloves, or shoes to enhance your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re bumming out or dressing up to go out with your sweetheart or besties, any bit of red will have you turning heads. Personally, I picked up a red pair of leather gloves to match my navy blue coat this fall/winter. They make for a classy, yet suggestive look, overall. 

Although, when it comes to statement pieces, remember not to overdo it. In my opinion, your entire outfit should not be made up of statement pieces. Unless you are the center of attention 24/7 or Nicki Minaj, a red heart purse with a red puffer jacket and red boots would be cute for an Instagram pic, but not a casual taco tuesday night with friends. 

I love a red knit sweater in the correct shade – deep and cool, and a red sweater dress is the comfiest way to express your sensual side this fall. As far as red knit gloves, socks, hats, and leg warmers, they make for cozy accessories. A great pair of knit sweater gloves or leg warmers livens up any outfit with delicacy. Also, leg warmers with a pair of Uggs or boots is adorable, and you could only imagine how authentic and interesting they would be in red!

Mix and Matching Reds:

Red pairs beautifully with many neutral colors (i.e., beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white.) However, when we look at the color wheel and see green as red’s complimentary color, all we think is Christmas time. Which can be great… if it’s December. Yes, red is a bold color, but paired with a subtle mint green creates a high end look. Also, red contrasts beautifully with any fall colors, burnt orange, olive green, and yellow.

You’d also be shocked what mixing texture can do; a chunky knit with a smooth satin is just gorgeous. Notice in this photo below, the wispy beaded skirt compliments this slightly ruffled shirt perfectly giving both intensity and class.

Also, red matches perfectly with red in monochrome looks. You can either choose the same or different hues of red, but make sure all of the pieces you choose have similar undertones. For example you wouldn’t want to wear a blush with a rose red, because blush has cool undertones and rose red has warm undertones. Rather, a blush would look great with a garnet or berry red, because all three of these colors have cool undertones. (Refer to the chart of different shades and hues of the color red.)

Layering with Reds:

Layering not only comes in handy when you live somewhere with chilly seasons like me, but it can also add depth and intensity to any outfit. By incorporating long sleeves and turtlenecks under vests and sweaters, jackets, blazers, and some knitted accessories we discussed earlier, you will elevate your look. Remember to have fun with this step and that fashion is all about expressing yourself. If you think something looks cool, wear it. So what? You may raise some eyebrows… isn’t that better than raising none? One of my personal favorite ways to layer is with belts. Lately, I have been playing around with different belts in style, color, and hardware.

If you live in a warmer city, I understand layering can be difficult due to weather conditions. Remember to look for light fabrics when shopping. I purchased these really thin neutral colored long sleeves at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago and I still wear them to death. They are great for all seasons and look adorable over any bralette. 

Bonus points this fall for all the girls incorporating red layers, so when you’re out shopping this spooky season, some helpful red layers to look out for are:

  • Sweaters
  • Turtlenecks
  • Long sleeves
  • Belts & bags
  • Blazers
  • Coats

Red Nail Polish, Lipstick, and Accessories:

Touches of reds in the nails are always such an eye catching detail. I love a deep bright red nail with a little shimmer over it or a maroon french tip; you can really get creative here. Additionally, you really can’t go wrong with red nails for the fall; just choose a shade authentic to you! Personally, my favorite brand of nail polish is O.P.I. because the consistency of their polish is commonly great.

A classic red lip will also enhance your natural beauty this season. While making your smile perky and white, drawing the eyes towards the lips adds some edge to your look. My favorite red lipstick is Fenty Beauty by Rhianna in the shade ‘Uncensored.’ However you do not have to glam out your makeup for a red lip, a nice drugstore brand is perfect such as the Milani Stay Put Liquid Lip Longwear Lipstick in the color ‘Red Flag.’

Add some flares of red in your accessories with red heart purses, ruby earrings, red monogram bags, and rose embellishments and emblems. Think outside of the box when shopping and take note of red items you find this fall 2023!

What Are the Must-Have Textures for Fall 2023 Fashion Trends?

→ Chunky Knits and Cozy Sweaters All Fall 2023

Add a touch of coziness to your wardrobe with knit sweaters. Free People, Zara, and Urban Outfitters all have a fantastic selection of sweaters. I love thrifting for these brands as well, and just thrifting for sweaters in general. Some great styles seen on the runways are off the shoulder, turtleneck, and oversized. Choose a cozy style that fits you well, and wear it to your heart’s content. Choose colors that accentuate your skin tone, hair color, and eyes. Refer to the chart below to know what color sweaters to choose this Autumn!

Leather Takes the Fashion Spotlight This Season

Get that off duty model look this fall by picking up a brown, distressed black, olive or emerald green, or red leather jacket. Fleece lined leather jackets are all over Pinterest this year, so if you love that sheep fur look, go for it! Also, a leather jacket is just a timeless classy design to add to your collection and will keep you warm during chilly trips and seasons. Secondly leather boots, skirts, belts, and bags will be seen all fall season 2023.

Leather details give your look a sophisticated and classy flare with sultry sexiness. This is why I love a leather bag, pair of pants, boots, or jacket. Specifically, my favorite leather bag is the Dior Ultramatte Calfskin Leather Saddle Bag. If you want to read more on my honest opinion of this iconic 2000s piece, click here

Also, brown or black leather pointy toe boots are an absolute staple piece this fall. If you want to put together a great fit for your insta feed, make sure to pick up a pair of these and keep your eye out for these boots when thrifting! If you like brighter/bolder colors, choose one that will match the other statement pieces in your closet.

Denim Makes a Comeback

Denim on denim can be a daunting task because denim comes in so many different variations and washes. However, long denim skirts, coats, and cropped denim vests or tops will give you that y2k vintage denim look this fall. 

Also, short denim or khaki skirts with an oversized sweater and tights is a very preppy and adorable look this Autumn. Furthermore, denim jeans are staple pieces to your wardrobe this fall 2023. If you’re a y2k girlie, True Religion low-rise bootcut jeans are your go tos. There are True Religion jeans with red, white, blue, and even pink stitching, so you can get whichever ones your heart desires. Find them for low prices on my Depop here. On the other hand, if you like the more loose fitting mom jean look, then find great styles at Express and Levi’s. Both offer super high quality denim material and a chic fit. Also when purchasing jeans, think quality over quantity. It is better to have one pair you will wear to death that are a bit more expensive than a ton of cheap pairs that will fall apart over the years. 

What Shoes and Accessories are Popular for Fall 2023 Fashion Trends?

Fabulous Footwear of Fall 2023

  • Ugg Slippers and Boots
  • Tall Leather Pointed Toe Boots 
  • Snapbacks
  • Clogs
  •  Mary Jane Kitten Heels

Ugg Boots are back this season, so pick up a pair of slippers or boots you could see yourself matching to many of your outfits. My favorite Ugg slips right now are the Tasman slippers in chestnut with red stitching and the Funkette slippers in brown with the whitish tan sheepskin fur. These platform slippers give all my outfits a 2012 winter feel and I am here for it! Also, I am faithful to my navy blue Bailey bow Ugg boots because they match my jacket so well. Likewise, a cute pair of black clogs will accessorize any fit, so trade in those old gym shoes for some comfy clogs. 

For my fashionistas, I love a tall leather pointed toe boot preferably with a heel in brown or black because they will have you snatched all season for pictures, meetings, dates, or any occasion you find fitting! Secondly, a pair of snapbacks will set you apart this season. My favorite thing about the snapback is the back leather strap, giving the your outfit elegance with a bit of snappy sex appeal. Lastly, for my y2k girls, be on the look out this fall for a pair of Mary Jane Kitten Heels. These adorable chunky shoes will have you looking babydoll cute and glam!

→ Chunky Gold Jewelry Stays in for Fall and Winter 2023 Fashion Trends

It’s to no one’s surprise that gold chunky jewelry is staying for the fall and winter months! Gold chunky earrings adorned every IT girls’ ears this summer, and they will be wearing them this fall as well. Paired with a sweater and a dainty necklace, you’re looking fabulous! Bonus points if you have some pearl rings or bows in your hair for the coquette look. Whatever style you have this fall, throw in some gold chunky jewelry and I promise you it will complete your look and make you seem super put together!

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